Please read the following information and make WA Health Minister, Roger Cook, accountable for the false information he is providing about vaccines to the public. Politicians are liable for participating in legislative decisions that can harm human health. This censorship of the risks of vaccines as “anti-vaccination” material is resulting in an escalation of chronic illness in the population that is preventable.
Most of you will be aware that a billboard was put up in the Perth CBD (corner of William and Brisbane St) that asks the public “Do you know what is in a vaccine”. This information is essential knowledge for assessing the risks of this medical procedure. Just as you would check the ingredients of your food – only vaccines are injected into the human body and this means the chemicals can access every organ of the body.
This information is in the public interest yet the WA government and AMA are calling this ‘anti-vaccination material’ and complaining that “the question poses a public health risk”.
Why is the Australian Medical Association making this unscientific claim? The risks of any environmental toxin need to be addressed within the individual genetic make-up of each person – and there are many toxins in vaccines.  Each toxin in the vaccine, for example, aluminium and antibiotics, will have a different reaction in every person because of their genetics – and this reaction can be delayed.
Does Roger Cook know that there are antibiotics in every vaccine and that antibiotics are linked to causing many chronic illnesses – including autism?
Why has the AMA also ignored the fundamental medical principle that:
“A medical treatment should be individualised particularly when injecting substances into the human body that carry the potential for disease, disablement and death”.
The US Vaccine Injury Compensation Scheme has paid out over $4 billion to vaccine victims and vaccines are described by the US government as being “unavoidably unsafe”. This statistic is believed to represent only 10% of those that are injured by vaccines.
It is “quack” science for the AMA to state that asking what is in a vaccine is a “public health risk” and yet the AMA has asked the WA Health Minister, Roger Cook, to ban the biillboard using  the state regulator’s legislation that prohibits the advertising of “any public health risk activity”.
The billboard was removed yesterday (21 June 2018) after one week of a four week contract.
Did you know that antibiotics, aluminium, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, phenoxyethanol etc (plus many more ingredients) are injected into the tissues of every newborn baby and adult with every vaccine? Most parents do not know this and doctors are not educated about the ingredients of vaccines.
Did you know that these ingredients, specifically antibiotics and aluminium are linked to causing autoimmune diseases that do not develop immediately after you get the vaccine? There is a delayed reaction that can be months or years after you get the vaccine before the disease develops. This includes autoimmune and neurological disorders including allergies, anaphylaxis, thyroidism, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Guillane Barre Syndrome and many more chronic illnesses.
The Health Minister, Roger Cook, can be held liable for dismissing this science as “dangerous misinformation” and for claiming this question is “a public health risk” – when the opposite is true.
The AMA and politicians are using derogatory language to describe the simple question “Do you know what is in a vaccine?” when this is essential knowledge for your health.
Please ask yourself why the WA government is condoning the banning of a discussion of this science by academics and health experts? This is a loss of freedom of speech in Australia, a democratic country. Also ask why medical practitioners are suggesting that this information is not fundamental to improving public health?
All Australian citizens need to take a stand to make the WA Health Minister, Roger Cook, accountable for allowing the censorship of this billboard that is in the public interest.
A conference is being held in Sydney on Saturday June 30th that is titled “The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia”. At this conference academics and citizens will present the scientific evidence and arguments that are being dismissed and suppressed by the Australian government as “anti-vaccination material”. Tickets can be bought on this link 
This censorship is a risk to public health and politicians can be held liable for decisions they make that can harm human health.
Please forward this email to your family and friends and challenge the government before further legislation is enacted to remove the public interest from vaccination policies.
Governments are ignoring the genetics of the population with the implementation of the No Jab No Pay/Play policies and the science needs to be publicly debated and scrutinised – not suppressed by oppressive govenrment legislation based on false information.
Judy Wilyman PhD on behalf of the WA Vaccination Risks Team