The West Australian’s journalist, Cathy O’Leary, is again promoting false information about vaccine safety and vaccine advocates. In today’s West Australian (29 January 2018) she has promoted a troll’s website – ReasonableHank – as a “vaccine advocacy website”.
This blog is run by a member of the industry lobby group the Australian Skeptics Inc Peter Tierney – and he has no qualifications in health. His blog has promoted false information about my university research on vaccines and he has used abuse and ridicule to discredit parents and professionals who are presenting the scientific risks of vaccines. This has been documented by the University of Wollongong in my complaint about the use of university policies by organised lobby groups.
Another member of this lobby group who is spreading false information about vaccine research is Dr. John Cunningham. Please read my latest Newsletter 189 Dr. John Cunningham’s Order of Australia Medal in 2016 that describes the strategies that are being used by these lobby group activists to discredit the academic literature on the risks of vaccines.
If this debate was about health there would not be any need to suppress the academic literature on vaccination science and policy. Yet the Australian government is suppressing the presentation of the risks of vaccines from the Australian media and from council venues around Australia.