Did you know that in Austrlalia in 1990 only 7 vaccines were used and the national immunisation program (NIP) was allocated $9.6 million to expand this program. By 1993 this was estimated to cost $53 million to operate and by 2008-9 it was costing the Australian government ‘well in excess of $400 million’ (Terry Nolan 2010).

Terry Nolan was the Chair of the ATAGI vaccine advisory board from 2005-2014 who reported directly to the federal Health Minister for this decade. Here are the potential conflicts of interests he had with vaccine manufacturers that were not provided to the public during this decade.

He was also the Deputy Chair of the NHMRC for this decade and he influenced the allocation of funding for research and the information being presented to doctors in the Australian Immunisation Handbook. This handbook (Ed 10) has removed all references prior to 2006 and after 2013. This means that valuable evidence about vaccines and our health has been removed and is being ignored in the government’s promotion of vaccination policies. This is the documnent that the government is using to claim that all “vaccines are safe and effective”.

My PhD thesis investigating the evidence for the Australian government’s vaccination program was refused government funding in 2007. Further, it is only funded research that is promoted to the public. Universities do not promote student research to the public and this means that research that is contrary to vested interests, but in the public’s best interest, can remain unfunded and unpromoted.

Judy Wilyman PhD