The University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Policies and Procedures

In November 2016 I made a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman about UOW’s policies and procedures. This complaint asked the ombudsman to investigate the misuse of the University’s procedures by lobby group activists:

1) Why did the University of Wollongong allow a member of the public to make an anonymous fabricated complaint of ‘allegations of academic misconduct’ about student research that was completed 8 years prior to the complaint? This was a complaint by a member of the public who was known to the UOW executive for previous inappropriate behaviour in debating my research.

2) How was it possible for the UOW to implement an investigation into my research when the complainant did not provide any evidence to support his allegations? And when UOW Emeritus Professor Brian Martin stated that the allegations did not qualify as “academic misconduct allegations”. And

3) Why has the UOW allowed lobby group activists to use it’s procedures to harass and humiliate a UOW student? And to harm the credibity of the student’s PhD research on vaccination by promoting false and misleading claims about vaccines on the UOW website – written by non-experts in this field of study?

The NSW Ombudsman replied on the 12 December 2017 without addressing this complaint and stating that the review is closed and no further correspondence will be acknowledged or provided with a response unless it raises substantive new issues that warrant an action. Here is the response I provided to the NSW Ombudsman on 14 December 2017. To date I have not had a response to these concerns from the NSW Ombudsman.