On 20 November 2017 Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney falsely framed my university research as “anti-vaccination” instead of describing it as the risks of a medical intervention. This is a crime for human health because it is a medical intervention that is given to healthy people and all of the risks and benefits of vaccination must be scrutinised before it is mandated in healthy populations.

My PhD thesis describing the adverse events to vaccines has been accepted and published by the University of Wollongong because it provides the scientific evidence and arguments for the risks of this procedure.  Yet Australian journalists and public servants are falsely stating it is not evidence-based.

Public servants, journalists, politicians and doctors who label this university research as “anti-vaccination” are breaching their duty of care to the public. Tanya Plibersek, Labor’s Health Minister in 2012/13 has also breached her duty of care to the public by designing social welfare legislation that included a mandatory medical procedure (vaccination) through a petition on an industry lobby group website – Mamamia website.

The Mamamia website and Murdoch News Ltd papers are a mouth piece for the industry pro-vaccine lobby groups (listed below) and they allow industry activists and journalists, without qualifications in infectious diseases or vaccination science, to promote vaccines to the public using false information. More recently the ABC is also presenting false information in a one-sided presentation.

Clover Moore and the City of Sydney Council, stated that my university research should not be presented in public forums in Australia. This is an example of the suppression of scientific debate that is occurring in Australia today and the loss of freedom of speech.

The Australian government’s vaccination policies have been influenced by the pharmaceutical companies through the funding of medical journals and donations to the government and the lobbying of politicians by industry associated lobby groups – including The Australian Skeptics Inc and their offshoot Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN)The Friends of Science in Medicine and the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA).

Currently the industry-funded University of Wollongong is allowing the President of the PHAAProfessor Heather Yeatman, who has no qualifications in immunology or vaccination science, to promote false claims about vaccine safety and efficacy on its website. This promotion by Heather Yeatman was published on the UOW website one week after my PhD was accepted in January 2016. The conflicts of interest of the PHAA with industry funding and research are described below.

The UOW academics who have signed their names to this promotion have never researched vaccines or vaccination policy and they have also refused to publicly debate this topic. As have all of Australia’s public health officials and politicians prior to the introduction of mandatory and coercive vaccination policies in January 2016 – a time when all infectious diseases were a low risk in the Australian community and when there was no legislation in any Health Act to support mandatory vaccination for any Australian citizen – and hence no justification for mandatory and coercive policies in Australia.  

So why has Australia now got social welfare policies that discriminate against healthy children for welfare benefits and access to childcare, which is based upon receiving 24 doses of vaccine before one year of age and regular boosters thereafter? 

Similarly, John Cunningham, a medical doctor (with no qualifications in immunology or vaccination science) and leader of the SAVN and FSM industry-associated lobby groups, was permitted to misuse the University of Wollongong’s complaint procedures to make baseless allegations about my university research. This has been done in an orchestrated campaign in the mainstream media and on social media from 2012 – 2016 that was designed to discredit my academic research on Australia’s vaccination policies.

John Cunningham was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his contribution to “Science and Immunisation” on the 26 January 2016 – just after he made an orchestrated attack on my university research with false and misleading information in Murdoch’s News Ltd papers. This conduct by a medical professional is currently being investigated by the Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulatory Authority (AHPRA).

Cunningham’s OAM was promoted by the Australian Skeptics Inc  –  a lobby group with corporate ties and 4,000 members/subscribers who are mostly not scientists. This is an organisation that has a powerful influence in the Australian media and government institutions on scientific topics.

Other journalists such as Kylar Lousikian (Murdoch’s News Ltd papers) and Cathy O’Leary (The West Australian) have also been given awards in journalism even though they have made false claims about my vaccination research in the mainstream media.

The University of Wollongong’s policy does not require that it rectify the public record when journalists and non-experts in the field  make false claims about my PhD research in the mainstream media. This has forced me to set up a website  – Vaccination Decisions – and this newsletter to rectify the academic record.

Here is an article that describes the corruption and criminality that can occur in the State-Pharmaceutical complex with the intensification of neoliberlaism in health policies. It is titled “Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the State-Pharma Nexus” by P. Rawlinson, Western Sydney University, Australia.

Please take the time to read these links (and information below) that describe how the Australian public is being manipulated by false information about vaccine safety and efficacy through the influence of the pharmaceutical companies in our institutions. it is also being manipulated by a government $5.5 million “immunisation education campaign” that is using pharmaceutically funded and researched information to “counter the views of the anti-vaccination lobby..” states the Australian government.

Education or propaganda? It is time to speak up on this issue.

Dr. Judy Wilyman
Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong.
PhD in The Science and Politics of the Australian Government’s Vaccination Program, UOW School of Social Science, Media and Communication (re-named the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry in 2014).