On the 14 December 2018 as parents were preparing for the Christmas holidays the WA government informed the community that they would be introducing the No Jab No Play legislation into the parliament in early 2019. This legislation is designed to exclude ‘unvaccinated’ children from childcare centres and kindergartens with the stated purpose of putting an end ‘to the State’s low child immunisation rates’.

Please note that the government has not claimed that this policy is to ‘improve the health of children’. This is a serious omission because health policies should only be implemented if they are demonstrated to be improving health. Roger Cook cannot make this claim about the current vaccination schedule because children’s health has significantly declined as the vaccination rates have increased over the last two decades. There has been a 5-10 fold increase in these preventable chronic illnesses as the emphasis on vaccines has increased.

This is a direct correlation to the expanded vaccination program and the chronic diseases that are increasing have been listed as being associated with vaccines for six decades by the pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the toxins in vaccines are a plausible cause of the illnesses increasing in children yet doctors are not informed about these ingredients in their education and therefore they are not fully informing parents about this medical intervention.

The government is misusing the word ‘unvaccinated’ in its No Jab No Play policy. By ‘unvaccinated’ the government does not mean those who do not receive any vaccines. In 2018 ‘unvaccinated’ means anyone who does not use all of the 16 or more vaccines that the government has arbitrarily recommended on the national program. This means all adults under this definition have been ‘unvaccinated’ for decades but this has not been a problem in the community and there is no increased threat from these diseases in 2018.

The No Jab No Play policy that Roger Cook wants to implement will prevent healthy children who have not received the ‘full’ schedule of 16+ vaccines from enrolling in pre-schools and receiving an early childhood education. In addition to this discrimination based on injecting toxins into healthy people, it will put a huge burden on parents who need childcare facilities in order to go to work and earn a living.

This discrimination is being introduced without any public scrutiny of the science and without any community input into the development of the policy. The media announcement about this proposed policy also misled that public about the vaccination rates in WA and the necessity for introducing this policy into this state.

Roger Cook, the WA Health Minister made the unproven statement that “We are still seeing children who are not fully immunised putting older children and the broader community at risk’. The health minister has not provided any evidence for this claim and he is misusing the word ‘immunised’. Until he provides this evidence and until he can claim that this policy will improve children’s health then there is no justification for its implementation in WA.

Roger Cook should be using the word ‘vaccinated’ not ‘immunised’ in his claim because vaccines do not always induce ‘immunity’ in the recipient. Mr. Cook has been misinformed by the medical-industry lobby groups on this topic. Many cases of infectious diseases in Australia are occurring in vaccinated children and if the government wants to claim otherwise it needs to provide the evidence to support the claim.

This evidence must include transparent statistics of the number of vaccinated and unvaccinated children that are getting these infectious diseases in Australia – a country with over 90% vaccination rates.

The Health Minister, Roger Cook, is also justifying this policy by saying it will “allow the Department of Health to readily access immunisation-related data and to support families to ensure their children are up to date with their vaccinations”. Again Mr. Cook has not justified this policy by saying that it will improve the health of our children – which is the only real justification that there is.

The unproven and misleading information provided by the government and journalists in this media article includes:

  • The claim that vaccination rates in WA are low and
  • The claim that unvaccinated children are putting the community at risk.
  1. The WA government is using an arbitrary definition of “unvaccinated” to discriminate against healthy children in early childhood education. In 2018 the term “unvaccinated” refers to any child who has not received the full schedule of 16 vaccines. This means that even if you have received 15 of the recommended vaccines you are still considered “unvaccinated” according to the government’s definition. This means that all parents are “unvaccinated” under this definition and we are using multiple vaccines in infants that have never been used in the adult population to control these diseases.
  2. The WA government has used the vaccination rates for 2 year olds from 2017 to claim that vaccination rates in WA are lower than the other states. These statistics are not truthfully presented and they are misleading the public on this issue. Vaccination rates in Australia are tracked by the government at 1, 2 and 5 years of age and new vaccines have recently been added to the schedule. This means that the vaccination rate for 2 year olds in 2017 appear lower because these children did not receive the recently added vaccines. The media did not include the disclaimer that described this fact in the official statistics. Recent data for vaccination rates in WA show that over 93% of WA children in 2018 are vaccinated with the full schedule of vaccines. The government has intentionally misled the public to believe that there are low vaccination rates in WA in order to justify bringing in this policy.
  3. Health Minister, Roger Cook has misled the public to claim that this vaccination policy would reduce ‘preventable disease’ but he has made this claim by ignoring all the preventable chronic illness that has been increasing in children with the introduction of each new vaccine to the schedule. These chronic illnesses (including autism) have also been listed on the manufacturers package inserts as being associated with vaccines for six decades.
  4. The WA Health Minister, Roger Cook, is claiming vaccinations are safe without providing the public with a causality study that has investigated this direct correlation and proved with empirical evidence that these serious and life threatening chronic illnesses are not linked to the vaccines. Many parents who are now full time carers for their children know these diseases developed after vaccination and the ingredients of vaccines are a plausible cause of these preventable illnesses.
  5. The Australian government has not used scientific arguments to bring in these discriminatory vaccination policies in social welfare and education legislation. This has serious consequences for human health in Australia and the burden of costs to the healthcare budget. It is a crime to promote false and misleading health information in public policy and in the media.
  6. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) president, Omar Khorshid, implies that the unvaccinated children are mostly from disadvantaged areas when he and the Health Department are well aware that it is the educated parents from wealthy areas who are choosing not to vaccinate their children. The public has also not been informed that the AMA is a lobby group for the medical-industry complex and that Roger Cook has refused to see the academic information that I am providing.
  7. Omar Khorshid has claimed that we need over 95% of children to be fully vaccinated against all 16 diseases to protect the community. Yet he is well aware that no vaccine has ever been used with a 95% vaccination rate to reduce the risk of deaths and illnesses from these diseases. Mr. Khorshid needs to provide evidence for this stated goal of ‘95% vaccination rate for community protection’ before any government implements mandatory vaccination policies that will discriminate against healthy children in social welfare and education policies.

The WA government has not provided any evidence that any vaccine can create herd immunity in the population and the scientific literature shows that it was immunity gained from mild and sub-clinical natural infections, after public health reforms were implemented, that reduced the risk from infectious diseases in Australia.

This area of health is a public health issue not a medical issue and doctors are not being educated on the control of infectious diseases in Australia. Until the government can provide evidence that children’s health is improving with the increased use of vaccines there is no justification for the No Jab No Pay or Play policies in Australia and it is clear that these mandatory polices are putting individuals and the community at risk.

The Corruption of Health Policy in Australia and the My Health Record digital database has been described in Newsletter 217 Corruption of Health Policy in Australia and My Health Record. 

Roger Cook and his government will be held accountable by parents for any serious adverse health events, associated with vaccines by the manufacturers, which occur in their children if this policy is implemented into WA in 2019. The WA media will also be held accountable for its part in spreading false and misleading health information on vaccination.

Dr. Judy Wilyman PhD