Websites describing the Risks of Vaccination

I have listed below the many professionals and consumers globally who have set up websites to promote our right to choose how many vaccines we use in ourselves and our children. These  organisations and consumers are presenting the science from the medical literature about the risks of vaccines that is not presented on the government website. Please also visit this link to the Health Australia Party that is supporting the Australian public’s right to choice in all medical interventions.

Professional Websites that are Questioning the use of Multiple Vaccines in Infants:

  1. International Medical Council on Immunisation Doctors and other medical professionals speaking about vaccines
  2. World Association for Vaccination Education WAVE
  3. Dr. Russell Blaylock MD Learn the Risk
  4. Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute
  5. Stop Mandatory Vaccinations
  6. Informed Choice: Vaccine Ingredients
  7. The US National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC)
  8. Beyond Conformity Beyond Conformity 
  9. The Vaccination Information Network (VINE) 
  10. A German Website Vaccine injury 
  11. The influence of industry on medical research and government policy Over-vaccination
  12. No Forced Vaccines (New Zealand) No Forced Vaccines 
  13. Promoting Natural Immunity ARNICA UK Parent’s Support Network
  14. Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective Vaccines and Vaccination Practices SaneVax Inc
  15. Viera Schiebner Viera Scheibner
  16. In 2009 the National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC) presented, the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination Show Us the Science Give us the Choice  
  17. VacTruth Your Child Your Choice
  18. Vaccination A Parent’s Dilemma  Vaccination Dilemm
  19. Hormones Matter: Where health and hormones make sense Hormones Matter
  20. Child Health Safety
  21. Vaccination Information Serving Australia: Investigate before you vaccinate VISA
  22. What’s in vaccines?

Consumer Groups requesting unbiased information:

  1. Generation Rescue Hope for Recovery Generation Rescue
  2. The Australian Vaccination Network AVN
  3. Vaccination Answers Informed Sources VAIS
  4. Healthy Families Illawarra Healthy Families of Illawarra 
  5. Vaccination Information Service Vaccination in Oz
  6. Sailhome
  7. Nature Matters 
  8. Campaign for Truth in Medicine
  9. Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute   Think Twice
  10. Natural Health News and Scientific Discoveries Naturalnews
  11. Vaccine Truth
  12. Vaccination Liberation
  13. The Refusers
  14. Outlaw Health (website) and Facebook Outlaw Health
  15. Concerned Citizen Vax Info Start Here