This false information is being used to prevent the scientific evidence presented in my PhD thesis from being debated in public forums on vaccination.

Here is the false information that was presented in the mainstream media in January 2016 in an article in the Australian News Ltd Newspaper titled ‘WHO expert withdraws offer of advice to anti-vaxer’ by Kylar Loussikian Jan 13 2016 – just 3 days after my PhD was approved and published by the University of Wollongong (UOW):

  1. It was claimed that all of my research ‘was conducted outside Health Sciences and Public Health’. This is not true. I completed my Master of Science degree (Population Health) whilst enrolled in the School of Public Health and the Faculty of Health Sciences at UOW. I received my Master of Science degree with Distinction with a Major Project on the use of whooping cough vaccine in Australia with High Distinction in 2007. The fact that it was in the Health Sciences at UOW is stated on the publication of my major project on the whooping cough vaccine for this degree.
  2. When I completed this degree, Professor Heather Yeatman was the head of the School of Public Health (as she still is today), and I asked to continue my research with a PhD investigating the government’s vaccination program in the School of Public Health.
  3. The control of infectious diseases is described as social medicine. Infectous diseases were controlled in the early 20th century by economic and political decisions regarding the installation of public health infrastucture to change environmental and lifestyle characterisitcs. These factors are determinants in the outbreaks of infectious diseases in communities. In 2014 the UOW moved the School of Public Health into the Faculty of Social Sciences for this reason.
  4. In 2009 I sent a summary of my whooping cough vaccine research to the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) for publication in their newsletter. The PHAA asked Peter McIntyre to write a response to my article and both were published (side-by-side) in the PHAA newsletter April 2009. However, this newsletter does not require references and Peter McIntyre did not provide me with a fully referenced copy of the claims he made in his article. To date I have not seen a fully referenced paper that supports his claims made about whooping cough in this 2009 article. This is important because any references used to support his claims that are published after 2009 can be designed from an apriori postion.
  5. At this time (2009) Peter McIntyre asked me to attend the NCIRS to present my research. He said he would ask his secretary to make a time and date for this to occur. I did not receive any notification of a date or time from his secretary.
  6. Peter McIntyre, along with ~45 other government and pubic health officials, declined to attend a public forum at the University of Technology, Sydney in October 2015 to debate the science in the government’s vaccination polices.

This evidence supports the conclusion that it is Peter McIntyre and the government representatives who are not willing to take part in objective scrutiny of the scientific evidence that is underpinning the Australian government’s mandatory vaccination policies.

Judy Wilyman PhD