Open Letter
Australian Minister for Social Services
23 September 2016

To the Honourable Christian Porter MP,

On Wednesday 21 September 2016 you announced that the introduction of the government’s ‘No Jab No Pay Policy’, that mandates a medical intervention for families to receive social welfare benefits, demonstrates how people’s behaviour can be changed with a financial incentive. This policy is coercive and it breaches the Nuremberg Code that was adopted in 1947 to prevent experimentation on the human population – a fundamental tenet of medical practice.

You also stated that this policy has been successful because “it was carefully targeted and based on thorough research”. This statement is false. Here is the report requesting a Congressional Investigation into vaccines and here are many studies that reveal the risks and lack of science underpinning the 16 plus vaccines mandated in the childhood schedule. The reality is this government policy is mandating the injection of:

Aluminium hydroxide, Aluminium phosphate, Borax (sodium borate – insecticide), Thimerosal (50% Mercury Compound), Formaldehyde, Gelatin, Phenol, Monosodium Glutamate(MSG), Phenoxyethanol, Egg Protein, Yeast, Antibiotics – Neomycin, Polymxin, Gentamicin, Kanamycin and more, in every infant from day one of life. 

This combination of ingredients has never been tested for long-term safety in human infants, adults or animals (Peter McIntyre, director of the government NCIRS for 12 years). Your statement of the “success” of this program has been made without adequately monitoring the harm that is being caused by this combination of ingredients and doses in infants. The harm includes autism, anaphylaxis, allergies, speech delay/neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, parkinsons etc, that are all increasing in the population. These are life threatening diseases that result in parents becoming life-time carers for their children and result in an escalating federal health budget.

The flim ‘Vaxxed’ that documents the fraudulent studies used by the US CDC to discredit the link between vaccines and autism has just been pulled from the Castlemaine Film Festival in Melbourne, as it was from the US Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. This film is incorrectly being described as an ‘anti-vaccination’ film and I believe this is further evidence of the way in which financial incentives are being used to change people’s behaviour.

The media is promoting vaccines to the public on fear, “Whooping Cough hits 29 at Darlington Primary (West Australian, 20 September 2016) rather than debating the risks and benefits of each vaccine. Vaccines are promoted to the public under the Corporate Partnerships Policy that allows a third party – corporations –  autonomy to promote vaccines to the public. This enables corporations to frame the issues with statistics generated from industry funded research. In 2015 many rallies were held across Australia to protest the implementation of the No Jab No Paypolicy but the Australian media did not report on these rallies. The public’s perspective on this policy was blacked out by the media. Please watch this speech by Lissa Weckert at the Brisbane rally that saw thousands of people take to the streets in opposition to this policy. A policy that allows the government to experiment on the Australian population. This rally was supported by a rally in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Here is a video naming some of the 45 public health authorities who declined to attend a public forum at the University of Technology, Sydney (15 October 2015) to provide evidence for this policy. In addition, parent’s questions were not answered at a public seminar at the Telethon Institute in Perth (30 May 2016).

In the interests of the health of the population choice in vaccination must be re-instated for all groups in the community – in employment situations and social welfare benefits. Educated parents are choosing to use less vaccines because many of the mandated vaccines have not been proven safe or necessary as they were introduced after the threat from these diseases declined in Australia. To date Alison Jones, executive dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health at the University of Wollongong, has not provided answers to the community’s concerns and until she (or any other Australian public health official) can provide evidence for the claims she has made, then choice in vaccination must remain a fundamental right to prevent experimentation on the population.

Please provide me with the evidence that demonstrates this policy is for a legitimate public health purpose. This issue is about over-vaccination (not anti-vaccination) and vaccines come with a serious risk for many people. Without this evidence governments are not permitted to infringe on human rights and this social services legislation breaches the Nuremberg Code – a fundamental tenet of all medical practice that was adopted by the World Medical Association in the Declaration of Geneva in 1948.

Judy Wilyman PhD
The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies