Newsletters 2018

Newsletter 218 West Australian Government to Mandate 16 Vaccines for Early Childhood Education by July 2019

Newsletter 217 Corruption of Health Policy in Australia and My Health Record

Newsletter 216 ‘Anti-vax activist charges $4000 for an ‘expert witness’ report’ By Jane Hansen (Daily Telegraph)

Newsletter 215 Vaccination against Multiple Diseases: This is not in the Public’s Best Interest

Newsletter 214 The Australian Media will not Report the Case for Choice in Vaccination

Newsletter 213 Australia’s Health Minister, Greg Hunt, is using False Information to Mandate Vaccines

Newsletter 212 Vaccination Choice: The Reason why Governments are Suppressing the Science.

Newsletter 211 A Lack of Integrity in Australian Journalism and in Government Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 210 The Fallacy of Doctors being ‘Experts’ in Infectious Disease Control

Newsletter 209 Part 2 The Suppression of the Scientific Debate on Vaccination in Australia

Newsletter 208 Part 1 The Suppression of the Scientific Debate on Vaccination in Australia

Newsletter 207 Professor Fiona Stanley and the Australian Government have not Answered Questions on the HPV (Cervical Cancer) Vaccine

Newsletter 206 Health Minister Greg Hunt’s Comments on ‘Sacrificial Virgins’ are a Risk to Public Health

Newsletter 205 Medical Doctors and PhD Scientists Speak Out Against Vaccinations

Newsletter 204 A Child in Australia Dies Three Hours After Receiving Six Vaccines

Newsletter 203 Conference: The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia

Newsletter 202 Where are Australia’s Vaccines Made?

Newsletter 201 WA Health Minister, Roger Cook, Supports the Suppression of the Scientific Debate on Vaccines

Newsletter 200 The Sydney Morning Herald Corrects Itself: ‘Flu Vaccines “Do Little””

Newsletter 199 The Sydney Morning Herald providing False and Misleading Information about Flu Vaccines

Newsletter 198 The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia

Newsletter 197 Health Minister, Greg Hunt, and Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia

Newsletter 196 WA Government Reverses Informed Consent to Flu Vaccine to ‘Opt Out’ System

Newsletter 195 Vaccines and medical Freedom in Australia and the US

Newsletter 194 Film exposing the Dangers of HPV Vaccine wins Two Best Film Awards in Brisbane. Here is the link to Appendix 5 of my PhD thesis – Comment on the Hawkes et al Paper – exposing the non-evidence based claims made by SAVN / Australian Skeptics industry lobby group activists David Hawkes, Candice Lea and Matthew Berryman about the HPV vaccine in their published article.

Newsletter 193 Medical Tyranny in Australia ‘Nurses must Promote Vaccines’

Newsletter 192 Informed Consent to Vaccination being Removed on Industry Funded Studies

Newsletter 191 Richard Di Natale Misled the Australian Parliament about Vaccines in 2013

Newsletter 190 AHPRA Responds to the Conduct of Dr. John Cunningham

Newsletter 189 Dr. John Cunningham’s Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2016

Newsletter 188 Why it is Necessary for the Australian Government and UOW to Suppress the Vaccination Debate

Newsletter 187 University of Wollongong Research shows Australia’s Vaccination Policies are Harming Human Health. In this newsletter I asked the public to write to the UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings, if they were concerned about the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth councils stating that my academic research on vaccines should not be presented in council forums. Here is the response that Professor Paul Wellings has provided.