Newsletters 2017

Newsletter 185 Corporate Lobby Groups Censoring Vaccination Debate in Australia

Newsletter 184 Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, breaches her Duty of Care to the Australian Public

Newsletter 183 The Loss of Freedom of Speech and Vaccination Debate in Australia

Newsletter 182 The Illawarra Mercury is Misinforming the Public about University Research

Newsletter 181 The Ingredients of Vaccines and their Effects on Children’s Health

Newsletters 180 Epigenetics: The Evidence that Mandatory Vaccination is a Crime Against Humanity

Newsletter 179 University of Wollongong is promoting non-evidence based claims about vaccines

Newsletter 178 The Australian Government is using Pseudoscience to Remove Vaccination Choice – a Human Right.

Newsletter 177 Australia: Moving towards a Medical Police State (Part 3)

Newsletter 176 Australia: Moving towards a Medical Police State (Part 2)

Newsletter 175 Australia: Moving towards a Medical Police State (Part 1)

Newsletter 174 Private Corporations Direct Global Vaccination Programs

Newsletter 173 Vaccine-Created Herd Immunity did not Control Infectious Diseases

Newsletter 172 Undone Science in Government Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 171 Myths about Vaccines Spread by University of Wollongong Academics and Australian Health Ministers

Newsletter 170 Michael Gannon (AMA President) and the Suppression of Vaccination Science in Australia

Newsletter 169 Richard Di Natale (Greens) and John Cunningham and the Removal of Medical Freedom in Australia

Newsletter 168 Censorship and Indoctrination on Vaccination in Australia

Newsletter 167 Dr. John Cunningham spreading False and Misleading Vaccination Information – Again

Newsletter 166 The Federal Greens state they will not protect Informed Consent to Vaccination – a Medical Intervention

Response to Newsletter 165 “The Removal of Informed Consent without Coercion” in Australia

Newsletter 165 Vaccination: The Removal of “Informed Consent without Coercion” in Australia. Some people are stating that informed consent to vaccination has not been removed however my newsletter does not say this. I have stated that “informed consent without coercion” has been removed in Australia. Here is my response to the people that have misinterpreted this statement. Response to Newsletter 165.

Newsletter 164 ABC Journalist, Emma Alberici, Peddling False Information on Vaccines. Pauline Hanson did not apologise for suggesting “vaccines may cause autism”. She apologised for saying that there was a test that children can have to see if their child will react. In fact, genes are responsible for the way we react to vaccines and family history was a contraindication to getting a vaccine prior to 1990.

Newsletter 163 The Australian Government is Protecting Corporate Interests in Government Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 162 The AMA’s False Information about Vaccine Safety

Newsletter 161 Cathy O’Leary, Medical Editor, Chooses not to View “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe”

Newsletter 160 False and Misleading Information Provided about the “Vaxxed” Film by Cathy O’Leary (Medical Editor). Here is Cathy O’Leary’s reply 

Newsletter 159 Mandatory and Coercive Vaccination Policies Violate Constitutional Rights – Declares Swedish Parliament

Newsletter 158 Professor Fiona Stanley’s Public Health Comments

Newsletter 157 Professor Fiona Stanley Insults Parents in the Vaccination Debate

Newsletter 156 Mandatory Vaccination is a Chemical Attack on the Human Population

Newsletter 155 The University of Wollongong and the Truth About Vaccines

Newsletter 154 The Truth about Vaccines

Newsletter 153 Myths about HPV Vaccines and Conflicts of Interest in Government

Newsletter 152 University Academics Promoting Non-Evidence based Claims about Vaccines

Newsletter 151 Dr. Anthea Rhodes Providing False Information on Vaccines

Newsletter 150 Fake News on Vaccines in the Mainstream Media

Newsletter 149 Malcolm Turnbull’s Government putting Public Health at Risk

Newsletter 148 Protecting Public Health in Government Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 147 A News Reporter asks to be Removed from the Email List

Newsletter 146 University of Wollongong Promoting False claims about Vaccines

Newsletter 145 Censorship of Measles Vaccine Fraud in Europe, the US and Australia

Newsletter 144 Australian Father sues after Vaccine Reaction left him Permanently Disabled

Newsletter 143 Vaccine Injuries, Chronic Illness and Independent Research on Vaccines

Newsletter 142 Vaccines: A Public Health Experiment on the Population