Newsletters 2016

Newsletter 141 Open Letter, Australian Journalists, Re Lobby Groups and Vaccination

Newsletter 140 The Film VaxXed now Showing in Three Australian States

Newsletter 139 University Academics Presenting False Claims of Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines

Newsletter 138 Open Letter, University of Wollongong ‘No Evidence for Mandatory Vaccination’

Newsletter 137 Australian Health Officials: No Evidence for Mandatory Vaccination

Newsletter 136 Media Misrepresentation of Vaccines and the Flawed Science of Government Policies

Newsletter 135 Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy Published Fabricated Abusive Tweets and Misinformed the Public about the Safety of Vaccines.

Newsletter 134 Public Health Seminars: Let’s Investigate Childhood Health and Vaccination

Newsletter 133 The Flim Vaxxed: The Research Shows Vaccines do Cause Autism

Newsletter 132 False Balance in the Promotion of Vaccines to the Australian Communtity

Newsletter 131 Chronic Illness and Vaccination Rates in the Australian Population

Newsletter 130 Financial Incentives for Medical Procedures in Healthy People (Open letter to the Australian Social Services Minister, the Honourable Christian Porter).

Newsletter 129 Open Letter (3), University of Wollongong, Correction to UOW Academic’s Comments on Immunisation

Newsletter 128 Open Letter (2), University of Wollongong, “Vaccines can and do Cause Autism And Chronic Illness

Newsletter 127 Vaccines can and do cause Autism

Newsletter 126 Open Letter, University of Wollongong, “Vaccines can and do cause Autism”

Newsletter 125 Universities and Media Suppressing the Link between Vaccines and Autism

Newsletter 124 The Film Vaxxed: The CDC Suppressing the Link between Vaccines and Autism

Newsletter 123 The University Stands by Anti-Vaccination Thesis

Newsletter 122 The Media and University Suppression of Vaccination Science

Newsletter 121 Libellous Information on Wikipedia about Vaccination Research

Newsletter 120 Australian Government Vaccine Adviser, Peter McIntyre, Admits Vaccine Safety Study has not been Done.

Newsletter 119 Corrections to Dr. Kristin Boyle’s Opinions on my PhD (Part 2)

Newsletter 118 Corrections to Dr. Kristin Boyle’s Opinions on my PhD (Part 1)

Newsletter 117 The Loss of Health Choices in Australia

Newsletter 116 Correcting the False and Misleading Information Provided by John Cunningham (SAVN) in the Vaccination debate (Part 2).

Newsletter 115 Correcting the Information Provided by John Cunningham (SAVN) in the Vaccination Debate (Part 1)

Newsletter 114 Vaccination: the facts, the experts‘ and the Telethon Kids Institute (Part 2) 

Newsletter 113 Video ‘No Jab No Pay/Play’ Vaccination Forum University of Technology Sydney (UTS), 15 October 2015

Newsletter 112 Vaccination Question for Jonathon Carapetis, director Telethon Kids Institute

Newsletter 111 ‘Vaccination: the facts, the experts’ and the Telethon Kids Institute (Part 1). Here is the Q and A session for the Telethon Institute free vaccination seminar which was shortened because the panel of experts were not answering parents questions. The chosen panel represented only one side of the vaccination debate and they made false claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Here is a video of the seminar that was filmed by a parent at the event. After the event some high school students came over and thanked me for the questions we were asking and the information we brought to the event that had not been presented in their schools. This newsletter provides the question I asked that was not answered by the panel.

Newsletter 110 Misconduct in the US CDC and FDA

Newsletter 109 Journalists Misrepresenting Academic Research

Newsletter 108 The Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs, Responds

Newsletter 107 The Australian Government’s Response to my Letters

Newsletter 106 Public Interest Science and Industry Sponsored Universities

Newsletter 105 Tim Wilson and Human Rights in Australia

Newsletter 104 Media Censorship and Vaccination Decisions

Newsletter 103 Deaths and Complications in HPV Vaccine Trials

Newsletter 102 US FDA Document links Vaccines with Autism

Newsletter 101 HPV Vaccines may be causing early menopause

Newsletter 100 Australian Politicians presenting Myths about Vaccination

Newsletter 99 The Publication of my PhD Thesis

Newsletter 98 Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Newsletter 97 News with a Negative Frame: A Vaccination Case Study

Newsletter 96 Japan stopped recommending HPV vaccines in 2014!

Newsletter 95 Vaccination Research is not Complete

Newsletter 94 An Orchestrated Attack on a PhD Thesis

Newsletter 93 Australian Vaccination Policy and Autism/Chronic Illness

Newsletter 92 Judy Wilyman receives PhD