Newsletters 2015

Newsletter 66 Freedom of Speech in Australia and the HPV Vaccine

Newsletter 67 IOM states Vaccines can cause Autism

Newsletter 68 The Removal of Informed Consent in Australia

Newsletter 69 Science is Driving Vaccination Choice

Newsletter 70 Mandatory Vaccination for Australian Childcare Services

Newsletter 71 Abbott’s “Choices for Families” Policy removes Vaccination Choice. (Here is the government’s statement that the new childcare package will be discriminatory and will remove the right to informed consent in vaccination policies). The Geneva Declaration that lists the Ethical Code of Conduct for medical professionals includes that statement that doctors will not use their medical knowledge ‘to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat’.

Newsletter 72 Biased Reporting on the ABC Breakfast Program.

Newsletter 73 Media Misinformation and the Freedom of Choice Rallies 21 June 2015

Newsletter 74 Freedom of Choice in Vaccination Rallies Australia

Newsletter 75 HPV Global Vaccination Program Update

Newsletter 76 Vaccination Policy: A question for the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott re The proposed childcare policy for 2016

When Tony Abbott, was Health Minister nine years ago, he stated “No-one is in charge of what goes into my mouth except me” and “No-one is in charge of what children put into their mouths except parents” (Four Corners, Fat Chance, 13 October 2014). Parents would like our Prime Minister to explain how this right is different for the injection of substances into the human body?

Newsletter 77 Coercive Vaccination Policies in Australia

Newsletter 78 The Australian Government’s Disclaimer for Vaccine Information

Newsletter 79 No Jab, No Pay, No Way! Freedom of Choice Rallies 20 September 2015

Newsletter 80 Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015

Newsletter 81 Censorship and Misinformation in the Australian Media

Newsletter 82 Public Forum Sydney to Discuss the Government’s ‘No Jab No Pay” Policy

Newsletter 83 Questions for the Government’s ‘No Jab No Pay’ Policy

Newsletter 84 Coercive Vaccination in Australia: A Breach of Good Medical Practice

Newsletter 85 Lawyers warn on ‘No Jab No Pay’ Policy (The Australian 29.10.15)

Newsletter 86 ‘No Jab No Pay’ Public Hearing Australia (2 November 2015). This newsletter was sent on 6 November 2015 – 4 days after the public hearing (2.11.15) and 3 days before the Senate Committee Inquiry Report was due. At this time only 400 of the thousands of submissions had been published on the government website and after I published this newsletter hundreds of submissions were published on the government website on Sunday 8 November 2015 – the day before the report was due (9 November). This included my academic submission which is now number 468 on the government website.

Newsletter 87 The Senate Committee Inquiry ‘No Jab No Pay’ Policy Australia

Newsletter 88 Mandatory Over-Vaccination Bill likely to pass in Australia (13 November 2015)

Newsletter 89 Why are educated parents choosing not use all the recommended vaccines?

Newsletter 90 Medical Doctors: ‘We strongly recommend avoiding HPV vaccine’ (11 December 2015)

Newsletter 91 The plausible link between vaccines, autism and other chronic illness (18 December 2015)