Newsletters 2014

Newsletter 44 US News states HPV Vaccines are causing Permanent Disability

Newsletter 45 Debating Vaccination in Australia

Letter replying to Rick Morton’s article in the Australian Newspaper that misinforms readers about my research on the HPV Vaccine and the US 3rd World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy where I presented my HPV research in October 2013.

Newsletter 46  Medical Advice and Drug Promotion in Australia

Newsletter 47 Radio Interview Radio 6PR (Perth) – Strategies used to prevent debate on vaccines.

Newsletter 48 The HPV Vaccine – a Request for Dr. Steven Hambleton. This question has been sent to the AMA but it has not been answered. The AMA replied by sending a link to the government website for HPV vaccines. Here is the summary of the question that the Australian Medical Association has not answered:

Why is the Australian government marketing HPV vaccines at $Au450 per person when the vaccine has not been proven to be safer or more effective than Pap screening combined with surgery – and Pap screening will still be needed by vaccinated women? The vaccine does not target at least 30% of cervical cancer (13+ high-risk HPV strains are not covered in the HPV vaccine) therefore it is not more effective than Pap screening which detects 9 out of 10 cancers and these are curable when detected early.

Newsletter 49 The Promotion of Whooping Cough Vaccine (March 2014)

Newsletter 50 Vaccines, Autism, the CDC and Conflicts of Interest

Newsletter 51 The Ingredients of Vaccines

Newsletter 52 Doctors are educated about HPV vaccines by pharmaceutical companies

Newsletter 53 The HPV Vaccination Debate

Newsletter 54 Vaccine Side-Effects: A Couple’s Nightmare

Newsletter 55 Mercury and Other Toxins in Vaccines

Newsletter 56 The Controlling Cancer Summit London: HPV vaccines not proven safe or effective.

Newsletter 57  What the Australian Media is not Reporting about HPV Vaccines

Newsletter 58 Court Action and HPV Vaccines Globally

Newsletter 59  HPV Vaccine Criminal Court Case – Spain

Newsletter 60 An HPV Tragedy Hidden by the Australian Media

Newsletter 61 HPV Vaccine: The Decision I will always Regret

Newsletter 62 The Australian Government and Choice in the Use of Vaccines

Newsletter 63 A Supreme Court Investigation into the Testing of HPV Vaccines

Newsletter 64 1) Vaccines and Genetic Diseases 2) Influenza Vaccine Kills 13 in Italy 3) Global petition against HPV vaccines

Newsletter 65 Double the Aluminium (500 mcg) in New 9 Strain HPV Vaccines. This vaccine has been approved despite the global concerns and court cases that are already filed in several countries for victims of these vaccines.