Newsletters 2012 and 2013


Newsletter 1  Vaccination Decisions

Newsletter 2  Vaccination for the Community Good

Newsletter 3  Is Vaccination in Australia Mandatory?

Newsletter 4 HPV Vaccination for Boys: many questions unanswered by public health authorities

Newsletter 5 Vaccines Contain Antibiotics which are linked as a Cause of Autism

Newsletter 6 Debating Vaccination in Australia; Lobby groups are ridiculing individuals who question vaccines

Newsletter 7 My letter to the TGA: Is HPV vaccine safe and effective against cervical cancer?

Here is the TGA response to my letter

Newsletter 8  My reply to the TGA about the unanswered questions on the HPV vaccine

These unanswered questions were published in a Letter to the Editor of the Infectious Agents and Cancer Journal

Newsletter 9 Conflicts of interest within Australian government vaccine advisory boards


Newsletter 10  Reply to Tory Shepherd’s article about ‘Melanie’s Marvelous Measles. A review  of Melanie’s Marvelous Measles by Tetyana Obukhanych, a PhD immunologist

Newsletter 11 Bodily Integrity and the draft Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill

Newsletter 12  HPV Vaccination Programs for Boys and Girls in Schools: the ingredients of HPV vaccines

Newsletter 13 Progress on the draft Human Rights Bill

Newsletter 14  Framing the Vaccination Debate; use of the words ‘immunisation’, ‘vaccination’ and ‘vaccine-preventable diseases’

Newsletter 15 A Cervical Cancer Vaccine or an HPV Vaccine?

Newsletter 16 Conflicts of Interest in the development of HPV Vaccines

Complete document listing the declared Conflicts of Interest in the development and approval of HPV vaccines.

Newsletter 17  The Media Presentation of the Vaccination Debate

Newsletter 18  The ingredients of Vaccines, the Health Act and the Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill

Newsletter 19  Doctors, Governments and Media Misinformation about Vaccines

Newsletter 20 Vaccines did not control infectious diseases (Professor Fiona Stanley 2001)

Newsletter 21  Government Research and the Vaccination Schedule

Newsletter 22 The Channel 7 Sunrise Program and Too Many Vaccines

Newsletter 23  Selective Information and Vaccine Safety

Newsletter 24  The Australian Government’s Vaccination Schedule has never been tested for Safety

Newsletter 25 A Review of the SBS Program “Jabbed” and the COI in Vaccination Policy

Newsletter 26  The ABC’s Q and A Program and Vaccination with Prof Fiona Stanley

Newsletter 27  HPV vaccination programs have not been shown to be cost-effective in countries with Pap screening and surgery

Newsletter 28 Vaccination and the removal of religious exemption

Newsletter 29  The Media, Jonathon Holmes comments on vaccines and autism and ‘false balance’ in the vaccination debate

Newsletter 30 Vaccines are a plausible cause of Autism (Product Information for the adverse reactions to the vaccine – Tripedia)

Newsletter 31  Tanya Plibersek (Minister of Health), Vaccines and Autism, and the US Vaccine Injury Compensation Scheme.

Newsletter 32 Vaccines and Autism – Re-writing the medical texts in Australia and increasing financial incentives to vaccinate. “The Greater Good Movie”.

Newsletter 33 Letter to Australia’s Minister of Health – HPV Vaccines and Neurological Damage. These vaccines are not a ‘cervical cancer vaccine’.

Newsletter 34 Australia’s Vaccination Policies and the Australian media are influenced by Industry Interests

Letter to the Human Rights Commission: Vaccination Policies protecting industry interests (31.08.13)

Newsletter 35 The Damage caused by HPV Vaccines and the global concerns about this vaccine and other vaccines.  There is a lack of acknowledgement by the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Australian government about these concerns. In 2013 Australia did not have a HR Commissioner to protect individual rights such as bodily integrity.

Newsletter 36 Selective Science in Vaccination Polices. Chiropractors have been asked to remove ‘anti-vaccination material’ from their waiting rooms. The label ‘anti-vaccination’ is being applied to any scientific evidence from medical journals that the government is not acknowledging in public health policy.

Newsletter 37 The Marketing of Unproven Cervical Cancer Vaccines. These vaccines were not tested for safety against unvaccinated women using a placebo (an inactive compound) and they were not tested to see if they protect against cervical cancer.

Newsletter 38 Vaccines, Autism and the Medical Literature

Newsletter 39  Informed Consent and Media Reporting of Vaccines

Newsletter 40  HPV Vaccines are not Proven to be Safe or Effective. The conflicts of interest in the development of HPV vaccines are described in this newsletter.

Newsletter 41 Misinformation Peddled by Journalists and many subscribers of the Australian Skeptics

Newsletter 42 The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Promotion of Misleading Health Information

Newsletter 43 MMR Court Decision Not in the Child’s Best Interest

Press Release: Charges Filed Against Gardasil (HPV Vaccine) manufacturer in France