Australians will continue to be in danger of losing medical freedoms and human rights whilst ever journalists remain unaccountable for the false information they are providing to the public. On 3 March 2018 Cathy  O’Leary, a reporter for the West Australian newspaper, wrote an article titled ‘Nurses told to promote Vaccines’.

This article falsely implies that high immunisation rates for 16 diseases are necessary for a healthy community. This is a lie and it is not supported in the medical literature. Adults know this is a lie because they have not had the 16 vaccines that are now being mandated for their children and they have not been surrounded by epidemics of these diseases.

Yet we are now surrounded by an epidemic of chronic illness and autism in our children as the vaccination schedule has increased – and the Australian government has not disproven this link.

In other words, high immunisation rates in the population (of ~94%) do not equal healthier communities. This is the lie that the Australian government is promoting to the public. ‘Health’ refers to all illnesses – not just infectious diseases – and we need to debate the cost of the ever-expanding vaccination program to our children’s health.

My university research on vaccination policies would not have been accepted by the University of Wollongong if the claim about immunisation rates made in Cathy O’Leary’s article was true. And doctors and nurses would not need to be censored by their professional boards if the medical literature supported this claim. It would also not be necessary to censor me from presenting my academic information in public forums.

Government immunisation policies are not protecting community health if doctors / nurses do not have autonomy to discuss the risks of vaccines. These risks may be observed in their experience of giving vaccines or they may be listed in the medical literature – but doctors and nurses need to be free to discuss them – and promote what is best for the community.

In Australia today health professionals are not free to discuss the risks of vaccines and this is clearly described in Cathy O’Leary’s article.

This article describes doctors and nurses who present the risks of vaccines as ‘rogue’ doctors and nurses. Instead of encouraging open and transparent debate of the medical risks the regulatory boards in Australia are shutting this debate down. The framing of the risks of a medical intervention as ‘anti-vaccination’ by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) is irresponsible and it demonstrates they are no longer putting patients first in the capitalist model of health that we have adopted.

Health professionals and the public must challenge these regulations to ensure that ‘health’ is being promoted in public health policies and not the vested interests of other groups in society. Here is a video that is available free until March 8 describing the risks of Injecting Aluminium into the human body. Why are governments ignoring this risk?

Dr. Judy Wilyman Vaccination Choice