Open Letter University of Wollongong Academics 18 August 2017 Copied to UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings Dear Professors Yeatman and Jones, Your promotion of immunisation on the University of Wollongong website violates the academic and political process because you and your colleagues have never researched vaccination science or policy. This violation is resulting in the removal.. read more →

On the 31 July 2017 it was announced that another screening of the US film ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe’ would be held in Perth, WA – a film that describes the fraud at the US CDC that covered-up the data showing a causal link between Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. On 4 August 2017.. read more →

Here is the rally speech I gave at the No Jab No Play protest rally in Fremantle on 28 May 2017. The Western Australian government is planning to sign up to the Federal government’s recommendation to ban all children from childcare centres who have not received the full schedule of ~25 doses of 16 vaccines. This means.. read more →

Open Response to UOW Academics and the Concerned Australian Community, Some people are stating that “informed consent in Australia has not been removed.” Yet my Newsletter 165 did not state that informed consent had been removed. It clearly stated “informed consent without coercion” has been removed in Australia.  This is a violation of the Good.. read more →

17 July 2017 On 26 June 2017, Emma Alberici, wrote a story for the ABC titled ‘Why do politicians get away with peddling porkies and ‘alternative facts’.This is interesting because she is demonstrating the answer with her own misinformed story. The health of a community is at risk when journalists are no longer held accountable.. read more →