Please read the following information and make WA Health Minister, Roger Cook, accountable for the false information he is providing about vaccines to the public. Politicians are liable for participating in legislative decisions that can harm human health. This censorship of the risks of vaccines as “anti-vaccination” material is resulting in an escalation of chronic illness.. read more →

Did you know that in Austrlalia in 1990 only 7 vaccines were used and the national immunisation program (NIP) was allocated $9.6 million to expand this program. By 1993 this was estimated to cost $53 million to operate and by 2008-9 it was costing the Australian government ‘well in excess of $400 million’ (Terry Nolan.. read more →

In Australia, universities today are working in partnerships with industry and even the heads of Departments and the researchers have equity and patents in the research that is performed at universities. This industry-academic partnership is now well documented and it means that public interest research can be suppressed from the mainstream media. This is particularly the case when there.. read more →

On the 25th May 2018 I wrote Newsletter 199 titled ‘The Sydney Morning Herald Providing False and Misleading Information about Flu Vaccines’. This was sent to the SMH editor for a response and on the 4th June 2018 the SMH published this article titled ”Flu vaccines ‘do little’, wear face mask instead says health expert.’.. read more →

Here is an 11 min video of the science that is not provided to doctors in their education on the ingredients of vaccines. This is significant because the promotion of more and more vaccines is harming human health and genetics, and doctors take an oath under the Declaration of Geneva to put the patient’s health.. read more →