In the 21st century the control of infectious diseaes is being promoted to the community by “medical doctors” when throughout history this area of health was not included in traditional medicine. This is because infectious diseases were always considered a public health issue and controlled in the field of Social Medicine: the field of ‘medicine’.. read more →

There are pro-vaccination lobby groups in Australia who are promoting the government’s immunisation policies with false and misleading information on their blogs and websites. My PhD supervisor at Wollongong University, Professor Brian Martin has written several articles on the strategies being used by lobby groups to prevent open debate on this issue and one of these is – On.. read more →

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On the 21 June 2018 the Perth billboard that asked the simple question “What is in a vaccine?” was removed due to pressure from the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the WA government. Here is the answer to “What is in a vaccine?” that the AMA does not want you to know. Please read and.. read more →

24 Jun 2018
June 24, 2018

Where are Australia’s Vaccines Made?

Vaccines today, like most pharmaceutical products, are no longer being produced or regulated in the countries in which they are used. There is an extensive international network of production and most Australian vaccines are made in other countries and licensed in the USA where vaccine manufacturers are free from liability for any harm that vaccines.. read more →