In the coming election on May 18 2019 I am standing for the Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccines/Fluoride) Party (IMOP) in the WA Senate. Our party supports the right to fully informed consent to all medications, without financial or other coercion. Our body is our choice, not the governments choice, to decide how many drugs/vaccines we use in our bodies, without penalty.

It is our fundamental human right to have bodily integrity and fully informed consent to medications. This is a principle of the ethical code of conduct for doctors and it is protected in all the international human rights covenants. The IMOP party will be standing up for your rights and for this principle of medical practice if you vote for us in the Senate. We have candidates in Qld, NSW and WA.

Currently there are 12 vaccines that the Liberal government has linked to a maximum of ~$26,000 of tax benefits plus early childcare enrolment and some employment situations. But this can be extended at any time to more vaccines as the goverment is recommending 16 on its national program. If you would like to read more about the IMOP party or hear my 15 min speech at the launch of IMOP on the 28 April 2019 please click here.