On the 21 May 2017, two days after the “Vaxxed” screening in Perth, the West Australian community was informed in the Sunday Times that the new Labor government would be adopting the national government’s No Jab No Play policy that will prevent unvaccinated children from attending childcare and preschools in WA. This policy, along with the No Jab No Pay Social Welfare policy that discriminates financially against healthy unvaccinated children, is coercive: it is linked to the ability of parents to earn their livelihood. Yet the public has not been involved in any discussion of this policy in Western Australia. On the 9 June 2017 (one week after announcing the government’s intention) the WA health minister, Roger Cook, is going to the national meeting for state health ministers to sign up to the national government’s No Jab No Play policy, yet there has been no opportunity for the concerned WA community to be involved in any discussion of this significant health policy.

This is not democracy and the public is currently requesting a meeting with WA politicians to present their opposition to the No Jab No Play policy. On the 28 May 2017, at short notice, hundreds of people attended a rally in Fremantle to demonstrate their opposition to the policy and to sign a petition to present in the WA Parliament. This rally has been described in the Fremantle Herald.

To date the concerned WA community has not had a response to our request for a meeting and I will keep you informed of this situation. It is noted that the pharmaceutical lobby groups have significant access to politicians through donations and lobbying activities and they are influencing public health policies  The public is not being given a voice in these policies and independent science is not being used as the foundation for these coercive and discriminatory policies. Whilst other countries such as Sweden and Switzerland have rejected coercive and mandatory vaccination due to the known serious health risks and lack of independent science, the Australian government is not allowing community input into these policies and conflicts of interests on vaccine advisory boards are endangering public health.

Dr. Judy Wilyman PhD