Open Letter University of Wollongong Academics

18 August 2017

Copied to UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings

Dear Professors Yeatman and Jones,

Your promotion of immunisation on the University of Wollongong website violates the academic and political process because you and your colleagues have never researched vaccination science or policy. This violation is resulting in the removal of medical freedoms in Australia because you have not supported your claims about vaccines with evidence.

The false assumptions that you have based your claims on i.e. that ‘vaccine adverse events are rare’ and that ‘all the recommended vaccines are effective and necessary’, are proven to be false in my PhD thesis that you have chosen to ignore. Vaccines are also being promoted by politicians on the false claims made by Richard Di Natale and John Cunningham – neither of whom have specialist knowledge in immunology, vaccination science or policy.

Dr. John Cunningham is an activist for the industry-associated SAVN lobby group and he has participated in inappropriate behaviour in debating my UOW academic research on vaccines.  He has promoted his false and derogatory claims about my research in the mainstream media and on social media, and these same claims are now published on Wikipedia. He received an Order of Australia Medal for ‘Immunisation and Science’ one week after he published his false and derogatory comments about my academic research in the Australian newspaper (26 January 2016).

The Australian Skeptics Inc. is the lobby group that promotes John Cunningham’s information and this organisation has significant influence in the Australian media on scientific topics – yet they are not a scientific organisation. They are deceptively named and they promote industry interests in government vaccination policies.

The abusive attacks by the SAVN lobby group have been well documented by Professor Brian Martin and other academics yet Richard Di Natale has defended the abusive behaviour of the SAVN and the Australian Skeptics Inc activists (and the vitriolic debate that they are inciting) in the Australian parliament.

The SAVN lobby group is supported by the Public Health Association of  Australia (PHAA). The PHAA presents the National Immunisation Conference which is almost 100% funded by industry. In 2014 the PHAA supported the presentation of a SAVN  poster by McDermott, Gaylard, Hawkes, Cody, Ryan, and Dunlop, at this industry sponsored event.

The poster these SAVN/Skeptic activists presented described their lobbying activities that are suppressing the academic and public health debate on vaccination in Australia. The poster was titled  ‘An Analysis of the Impact of the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN) Campaign on the Public Profile and Finances of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN)’ – the AVN is a consumer organisation promoting choice in vaccination.

Professor Heather Yeatman (UOW Head of Public Health –  expertise Nutrition) you have declared that you have a a conflict of interest in assessing student research on vaccination at the University of Wollongong. This is because of your role as the president of the PHAA.

This is of serious concern because the PHAA is required to provide objective evidence for vaccination policy to the government and your statement is evidence that the PHAA does not provide objective evidence.  This is a critical factor in protecting human health in government vaccination policy.

Professor Alison Jones – you were the co-author of a paper titled ‘Public Health and the Necessary Limits of Academic Freedom (published March 2016 – one month after my PhD thesis was published on the UOW website) that attempts to suppress my academic research on vaccination and in this paper you falsely claim that the link  between vaccines and autism has been discredited.

You have never  researched vaccination science or policy yet you have attempted to suppress scientific debate on this topic. Suppression is only necessary when you cannot provide the evidence for your argument.

 In Australia the media goes hysterical over one case of measles and they ignore the exponential increase in autism that is occurring in our children. This increase has occurred directly with the expansion of the immunisation program in 1990 and academics and medical practitioners will not acknowledge, investigate or debate this correlation.

 Here is the latest example of the hysterical media campaign over one case of measles in Perth and in this response I have described the autism risk that is associated with using the MMR vaccine (and since 2013 the MMRV vaccine which also includes chicken pox). This schedule needs public debate and yet no public health official or politician in Australia will debate this topic even as our medical freedom is being removed. Here is the evidence from 2015 (prior to No Jab No Pay) that politicians are removing our medical freedoms in Australia without justifying these policies.

Educated parents will not accept this violation of the academic and political process and I urge everyone copied into this email to contact the UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings, to confirm these facts and write to their politicians.

A national vaccine injury compensation scheme is being discussed based on the false assumption that ‘vaccine adverse events are rare’. This false claim is being made by a TGA (100% funded by industry) that uses a voluntary reporting system that does not include delayed reactions or the 5-fold increase in chronic illness and autism that is occurring in Australian children. And uses ‘science’ that does not include a true (inert) placebo in the unvaccinated group to determine the safety of vaccines.

The scientific evidence that adverse events are not rare is presented in my PhD thesis on the UOW website and it is being ignored and suppressed by UOW academics and powerful industry interests in Australian vaccination policies.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Judy Wilyman