Newsletters 2017

Newsletter 157 Professor Fiona Stanley Insults Parents in the Vaccination Debate

Newsletter 156 Mandatory Vaccination is a Chemical Attack on the Human Population

Newsletter 155 The University of Wollongong and the Truth About Vaccines

Newsletter 154 The Truth about Vaccines

Newsletter 153 Myths about HPV Vaccines and Conflicts of Interest in Government

Newsletter 152 University Academics Promoting Non-Evidence based Claims about Vaccines

Newsletter 151 Dr. Anthea Rhodes Providing False Information on Vaccines

Newsletter 150 Fake News on Vaccines in the Mainstream Media

Newsletter 149 Malcolm Turnbull’s Government putting Public Health at Risk

Newsletter 148 Protecting Public Health in Government Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 147 A News Reporter asks to be Removed from the Email List

Newsletter 146 University of Wollongong Promoting False claims about Vaccines

Newsletter 145 Censorship of Measles Vaccine Fraud in Europe, the US and Australia

Newsletter 144 Australian Father sues after Vaccine Reaction left him Permanently Disabled

Newsletter 143 Vaccine Injuries, Chronic Illness and Independent Research on Vaccines

Newsletter 142 Vaccines: A Public Health Experiment on the Population