25 May 2017


In my previous Newsletter 160 “False and Misleading Information about the “Vaxxed” Movie Provided by Cathy O’Leary, (Medical Editor), I described the untruthful information that Cathy O’Leary provided about the “Vaxxed” documentary to the public. In this letter I invited both Cathy O’Leary and Professors Fiona Stanley and Jonathon Carapetis, from the Telethon Kid’s Institute, to attend the Vaxxed screening in Perth last Friday night (19 May). Cathy O’Leary replied saying: “I will not be attending the viewing, nor will any of my colleagues, as I have no intention of giving any time to wholly discredited anti-vaccination information”.

Here are the flaws in Cathy OLeary’s claim:

  1. This documentary is about scientific evidence not ‘anti-vaccination’. This film describes the scientific evidence that proves a causal link between vaccines and autism. It is critical to examine all the scientific evidence to protect human health.
  2. The evidence provided in the film proves a causal link between vaccines and autism and this link has not been discredited.
  3. Cathy O’Leary’s job as a medical editor is to investigate both sides of a scientific debate and then provide a reason why the evidence is”discredited”. Ms. O’Leary has not done this and she (and her colleagues at the Post Newspaper WA ) are putting public health at risk by dismissing this debate as “anti-vaccination”

On 24 May 2017, the Murdoch press, ran a story in The Australian newspaper, titled “Anti-vaxxer putting her new PhD to good effect” (Julie Hare). In this article the journalist claims that I “lashed out at” Cathy O’Leary because she “questioned the science behind a new documentary (Vaxxed)”. This is false. In my newsletter I corrected the false and misleading information Cathy O’Leary provided to the public about this film. Australian journalists are not made accountable for providing false and misleading information about vaccines to the public because they are supported by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) to do this. Here is the complaint I made to the ACMA in 2013 about journalists presenting false information about vaccines to the public and here is the reply that I received from the ACMA supporting journalists to do this. This represents a danger to public health and the medical risks of vaccination are not being presented to the public in the media. These risks are described in my PhD supported by many academics and published on the UOW website.

After the public screening of Vaxxed in Perth most of the mainstream media did not report on the scientific evidence presented in this documentary. Channel 10 and journalists at the West Australian and Post newspapers, chose not to attend the public screening or to report on the scientific evidence discussed in the film. Whilst channel 7 sent a journalist, she did not stay for the entire film and the interview she did before the screening, with myself and Tasha David (AVN President), was not televised.

After the screening channel 10 used the opportunity to dismiss parents concerns about the safety of vaccines. The national president of the AMA, Dr. Michael Gannon, stated that the health department was “spending a lot of time disproving the quack theories about the risks of vaccines”. This statement was made by Michael Gannon because parents are requesting that the government proves that vaccines are not causing the 5-fold increase in chronic illness and autism that we have observed in children over the last two decades. This could be done by providing the study of vaccinated and unvaccinated children over several years to assess the health outcomes of using 16 + vaccines in infants and children. But this basic scientific study has never been done. Here is Peter McIntyre, director of the government NCIRS since 2004, stating this fact and here is Dr Paul Offit stating that there is no study that proves that vaccines do not cause autism. The link between vaccines and autism cannot be discredited without this study. Here is the evidence that links vaccines as the most likely cause of the epidemic of autism.

In October 2015, prior to the introduction of the No Jab No Pay legislation the top Australian public health officials would not attend a public forum at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to present the case for coercive vaccination policies – and coercive vaccination policies were implemented without public or academic debate three months later in January 2016. These policies are not evidence-based and the pharmaceutical companies are influencing government public health policy through lobbying and donations.

It is time for the public to have a voice on these policies as our human right to bodily integrity is being removed with coercive vaccination legislation. This Sunday 28 May VACCINATION CHOICE RALLIES will be held in all the major cities around Australia. Please support these rallies and fight for you right to informed consent for all medical interventions.

Dr. Judy Wilyman

Bachelor of Science, University of NSW

Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong.
PhD in The Science and Politics of the Australian Government’s Vaccination Program, UOW School of Social Science, Media and Communication (re-named the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry in 2014).