This is the letter that  I sent to the Telethon Kid’s Institute (TKI) to invite Professor Fiona Stanley and Jonathon Carapetis to attend the Vaxxed screening in Perth on 19th May 2017. No-one from the TKI attended this public screening to discuss the evidence in the film that proves a causal link between vaccines and autism, yet the Kid’s Institute professes to be interested in researching “Children’s Health”. Proof that vaccines do not cause autism must include an assessment of all the available scientific evidence – and the TKI has not done this:
Open Letter,
Telethon Kids Institute
17 May 2017
Dear Professor Jonathon Carapetis and Professor Fiona Stanley,
I would like to formally invite you to attend the public screening of “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” that is being held in Perth this Friday, 19th May 2017 at 7.15 pm. As you can see from the letter below, the public is being misinformed by the media about the film and about the safety of vaccines.
There are many parents who are concerned about this issue and we will be holding a Q and A discussion after the screening with health researchers and advocates for safe and effective vaccines. If you are unable to attend this screening please send another representative as we will reserve your seats with your names and association with the Telethon Kid’s Institute.
Please read the email below to see the false information being provided on this film and RSVP so we can provide you with the details of the venue for Friday.
Kind regards,
Dr. Judy Wilyman