Open Letter Perth Journalists

22 August 2017

Dear Journalists in Perth,

The Child Support (Adoption of Laws) Amendment Bill 2017 is listed as an item of business in the Western Australian Legislative Council (LC) today.

This bill includes the adoption of the federal government’s Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015, including, the Australian School Vaccination Register. This is a bill that significantly affects the WA community if it contains the ‘No Jab No Play’ policy.

Hundreds of parents in WA are opposing the introduction of the federal government’s ‘No Jab No Play’ vaccination policy that will prevent parents from choosing how many vaccines they use in their children if they need to use childcare and preschool centres.

Religious, philosophical and conscientious objection to vaccines were removed from federal social welfare policies in 2015 – without debate or justification

It should be noted that coercive and mandatory vaccination policies have been rejected in Sweden because of the serious health risks associated with vaccines in genetically diverse populations. This is a danger to population heath and some doctors are calling it a crime against humanity.

If the WA government is going to discriminate against children who do not use all the 16+ (~36 injections) recommended vaccines, then what will the WA government be providing for these children to enable them to access early childhood education – a prime time in their development?

These policies are being introduced into Australia without public debate. They will also be extended to adults in the future. Recently a parent of an autistic child was banned from Australia under the terrorism laws for discussing the science from the US CDC that shows vaccines are a cause of autism.

WA parents have a petition with hundreds of signatures opposing this policy but no politician has agreed to present our petition in parliament. This is because of the lobbying and donations provided by corporations to political parties/politicians.

Our petition ensures that the Geneva Convention (and the Nuremberg Code) remain the fundamental principle of vaccination – a medical intervention. These international codes prevent experimentation on the population.

The federal government’s vaccination policies will ultimately remove medical freedoms from all Australians without any debate of the science. Here is the information presented to pharmacists on the risks of vaccines and the suppression of the medical literature that is occurring in Australia.

A good example of the suppression of the science is the movie ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe‘. This is a film that shows the cover-up of the scientific evidence from the CDC that proves a causal link exists between MMR vaccine and autism.

Vaxxed will be screening again in Perth this Friday 25 August at 7 pm in the Northern suburbs. Tickets can be booked on this link Perth screening of ‘Vaxxed’.

This film should be seen by all future parents to understand the risk they are being asked to accept with the current expanded schedule of vaccines. The government has made this issue about anti-vaccination and this is suppressing the scientific debate on children’s health.

I invite all journalists, in the interests of children’s health and the future of public health in Australia, to view this film and write an honest review of the scientific evidence that exists to show there is a causal link between vaccines and autism.

Kind regards,

Dr. Judy Wilyman

On behalf of the Vaccination Risks WA Team