There are many organisations and websites appearing on the internet that claim to be ‘independent and not affiliated with any group, organisation, or individual’ and they are claiming that the science against using multiple vaccines is ‘pseudoscientific’. One such website is “Diluted Thinking in Australian Healthcare” which is maintained and operated by Christine Bayne. This.. read more →

I would like to recommend that you view this two minute youtube of the Australian Medical Association’s comments about the measles vaccine on the Sunrise program last week. A link to the comments by the AMA president can be found here In this interview Steven Hambleton is asked ‘what are the side-effects of the.. read more →

Dr. Rachael Dunlop is the vice-president of the Skeptics organisation in Australia. This is a lobby group that has many members who are promoting vaccination using false information and by discrediting academics. Evidence of this false information is provided on the Lobby-group page of my website. However, Channel 10 is presenting Dr. Rachael Dunlop as.. read more →

This episode of Mediawatch was about a TV station – the Illawarra’s Win TV – acting with integrity and presenting both sides of the vaccination debate: as investigative journalists are required to do. In this case, Win TV was presenting a story about measles and it mentioned the possible link between MMR vaccine and autism… read more →

There has been much discussion about the information supplied to the public in a children’s book titled Melanie’s Marvellous Measles and lobby groups have been targeting book stores trying to get the book banned. Censoring a children’s book is a big step and there should be no need for this censorship in a society which.. read more →