Here is my reply to the article written by Caroline Marcus titled ‘Sarah Wilson’s apparent support of the ‘anti-vax’ movement irresponsible’ (11th April 2013): Caroline Marcus has made many unsupported claims in her News Limited media article, one of which is the claim that ‘not-vaccinating your children is irresponsible’. This is untrue and it is.. read more →

Further to my submission to the inquiry (No. 569) which provides evidence of the influence of industry on medical research and government advisory boards, I would like to draw your attention to the situation that currently exists in Australia with respect to childhood vaccination. Although it is claimed in our vaccination policies that ‘vaccination in.. read more →

The issue of vaccination policies and discrimination is a big issue for all Australians but in particular it is a big issue for women. Recent developments in the USA are demonstrating this fact. Australia has recently implemented policies for healthcare workers that require them to have vaccines if they are training for work in clinical.. read more →

There are many organisations and websites appearing on the internet that claim to be ‘independent and not affiliated with any group, organisation, or individual’ and they are claiming that the science against using multiple vaccines is ‘pseudoscientific’. One such website is “Diluted Thinking in Australian Healthcare” which is maintained and operated by Christine Bayne. This.. read more →

I would like to recommend that you view this two minute youtube of the Australian Medical Association’s comments about the measles vaccine on the Sunrise program last week. A link to the comments by the AMA president can be found here In this interview Steven Hambleton is asked ‘what are the side-effects of the.. read more →