In 2015, prior to the introduction of the Australian government’s ‘No Jab No Pay/Play’ social welfare legislation, a media student at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) decided to organise a public forum to discuss the public’s concerns about this policy. As a new parent she was concerned about the unbalanced information presented in the.. read more →

The following letter was sent to the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Trigg, Geoff Hutchinson (ABC Radio 720 Perth) and other journalists and academics at the University of Wollongong, on 6 June 2016. This is the question that I asked at the public vaccination seminar that wasn’t answered by the Telethon panel. Director Telethon Kids.. read more →

On the 30 May the Telethon Kids Institute put on a free public seminar to promote vaccines. The expert panel did not provide any ‘experts’ discussing the risks of vaccination or the reason why the US government describes vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe”. The format and lack of presentation of both sides of the vaccination debate.. read more →

My Response to the article ‘Third Marker gives OK to Anti-Vac Thesis’ (Loussikian K, The Australian 11 May 2016)  On the 11 May 2016 the Australian newspaper published yet another negatively framed article by Kylar Loussikian that attempts to disparage my PhD thesis. This time he used information that was released under the Freedom of.. read more →

Tim Wilson, was appointed as Australia’s ‘individual freedom’s’ Commissioner in February 2014. According to an article in the Australian by Chris Merritt (“Faster erosion of rights ‘threat to rule of law’, 15 April 2016) the attack on the individual’s right to justice in Australia, between 2014-2015, has included 95 reversals of the ‘innocent until proven guilty’.. read more →