Monday night’s Q and A program (13 April 2015) began with a 10 minute discussion on vaccination with all 4 members of the panel denouncing people who choose not to vaccinate, yet none of the panelist’s were qualified in health or medicine or produced any evidence to support their faith in this procedure. The public was.. read more →

30 Nov 2014
November 30, 2014

Choice in Vaccination

In the Weekend West Australian (15 November 2014) the medical editor, Cathy O’Leary, wrote an article titled ‘No-Jab Fears: Alarming rise in parents refusing to vaccinate children‘. In this article it is stated that doctors cannot understand why parents are shunning vaccines. This is an interesting statement when there are numerous professionals and public members.. read more →

During this episode of Q and A, which involved a discussion of the impact of computer technology on the wiring of the brain, a comment was made about the distinction between ‘peer-reviewed scientific information’ and ‘personal experience’. It was implied in this discussion that all peer-reviewed information is valid and of greater value to our.. read more →

The Australian Health Minister, Mr. Dutton, has approved 2 new expensive drugs for the PBS (26 October 2014). These 2 new drugs are described by journalist, Sean Parnell (the Australian 27 October 2014) as being for ‘rare medical conditions’ and will cost the government $237.5 million over 4 years. One drug, Ivacaftor, is stated to.. read more →

Rick Morton’s article “University paid for anti-vaccine student to attend conference” (28th January 2014) presents misinformation about my presentation on the HPV vaccine at the Cancer Science and Therapy Conference in San Francisco (October 2013). Morton has made allegations about the conference that have not been supported with evidence from the Dean of Research at.. read more →