17 July 2017

On 26 June 2017, Emma Alberici, wrote a story for the ABC titled ‘Why do politicians get away with peddling porkies and ‘alternative facts’.This is interesting because she is demonstrating the answer with her own misinformed story. The health of a community is at risk when journalists are no longer held accountable for the misinformation they provide on health and environmental subjects.

In Emma Alberici’s story she states that Senator Hanson suggested there “might be a link between vaccination and autism – only to apologise for her remarks”. In fact, Pauline Hanson didn’t apologise for this statement she apologised for suggesting there was a test that children could have to see if they will react to a vaccine. The statement that “vaccines might cause autism” is completely true and it is supported by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). A causal link has also been found by the US CDC. This data is presented in the film “Vaxxed: From Cover up to Catastrophe” that will be screening in eastern Australia over the next few months. There are also many scientific studies linking vaccines as a plausible cause of autism, but Emma Alberici, has falsely claimed that Senator Hanson apologised for this statement.

This journalist concludes by saying ‘You need only look to the tobacco industry. Think of how many people died believing smoking cigarettes did not cause cancer.’ She should have added that this was because doctors were promoting cigarettes as healthy products for many decades.

Emma Alberici should note that doctors are also claiming that vaccines are safe and effective even though there is no empirical study that proves vaccines do not cause autism or other chronic illness. Ms Alberici’s article is misinforming the public about a Senator Hanson’s comments on vaccines hence she is the one who is providing porkies to the public about a very important health issue.

Dr. Judy Wilyman PhD