The West Australian today (1 March 2017) is attacking non-vaccinating parents and labelling them as ‘anti-vaxxers’. This article by news reporter Cathy O’Leary (she is titled a Medical Editor but has not provided any health or medical qualifications and in 8 years has not reported on the medical literature that supports the concerns parents have about vaccines and children’s health) has published a statement by a parent, Mrs. Hughes, a vaccine activist, claiming that the information that Mr. David Wolfe (a nutrition educator) is providing in his seminars about vaccines is “dangerous misinformation’.
Mrs. Hughes does not provide any evidence for this statement and the article does not inform us of any special qualifications that Mrs. Hughes has to speak on this topic. Here is a 3 minute video by doctors disagreeing with the claims that Mrs. Hughes is making.
Further here is my latest newsletter discussing the false claims about vaccines that are being made in government vaccination policies and supported without any scrutiny by many parents and health professionals Newsletter 148: Protecting Public Health in Government Vaccination Policies .
There are many babies who are experiencing death and serious reactions to vaccines after their “well baby” visits to their doctors and these reactions are going unrecorded by the media. Whilst doctors are being trained to ask “Is your healthy baby up to date with his/her vaccines?” they are not being trained to ask in the Emergency Departments where children are sick “when was you baby/child’s last vaccine?”. This is a tragedy because the frequency and types of reactions after vaccines are not being monitored. Many vaccine reactions occur weeks, months or years after the vaccine (allergies/autoimmune diseases) and the true health effects of using multiple vaccines in infants will never be known if doctors are not trained to ask these questions. Here is information on the “Vaccine Damage Awareness “Empty Stroller Walk” planned for the 5 March 2017.