• Do you know what’s in a vaccine?

    Do you know what’s in a vaccine?

    In a world where we are increasingly exposed to toxins and where our experts are increasingly depending upon industry funding, it is important to know that the information you are receiving is balanced, non-biased and evidence-based.
  • Your rights

    Your rights

    As a major stakeholder in immunisation policy, you have a right to be fully informed and to participate in the decision-making process.
  • Get involved

    Get involved

    This website provides information that will enable you to participate in discussions and decisions about government strategies to reduce infectious diseases.


This site has been set up to assist the public to make informed decisions about vaccination. Governments globally are recommending the use of multiple vaccines in infants to prevent infectious diseases yet the long-term health effects of the combined schedule of vaccines has never been tested for safety. Further, evidence has surfaced that shows the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the body that is responsible for protecting public health, was involved in covering up data that showed a causal link between vaccines and autism. This cover-up by CDC researchers has been revealed in the movie “VaxXed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe” that is now showing in Australia. For information about public viewings of VaxXed please click here and for a review of the documentary by Real News Australia click here – VaxXed Screenings Unchallenged Around Australia. I have also provided a review of the film by a general practitioner, VaxXed Stories: Patricia Ryan in Nebraska. [Read more…]

Do you know what’s in a vaccine ?
Do you know what’s in a vaccine?

Our quality of life is dependent upon our health. In a world where we are increasingly exposed to toxins and where our experts are increasingly depending upon industry funding, it is important to know that the information you are receiving is balanced, non-biased and evidence-based. The ingredients of vaccines are not listed on the Immunise Australia Program (IAP) website where they can be easily found. They are found in the Appendix 3 of the Australian Immunisation Handbook (10th Ed). I have also provided a link to the ingredients listed on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and the World Association for Vaccine Education website. [Read more…]

Australian Government Immunisation Policy

Australia’s National Immunisation Policy is not designed by the Australian government in response to Australian public health needs. Australia’s immunisation policy is based on recommendations provided by public-private partnerships within the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI). This is an alliance that includes pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation and  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation etc. All partners have equal input into the recommendations for national vaccination programs. GAVI provides advice to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the recommended vaccines are then presented to the 193 WHO member countries.

Here is information about Australia’s National Immunisation Program (NIP) and the lack of evidence for its implementation. Over the last two decades parents have become increasingly concerned about the science supporting government immunisation policies as the chronic illness in Australian children has increased 5-fold. Over this time the recommended schedule of vaccines for children has expanded from 7 diseases in the late 1980’s to 16 plus diseases in 2014. This has led many parents and professionals to investigate the science of vaccines and to set up websites presenting information about the risks of this medical intervention to the public. Links to these websites can be accessed on the Pro-Choice In Vaccination page of this website. [Read more…] 

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A powerful video discussing the lack of science on vaccine safety and the public's choice in all medical interventions www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfkkdCg2830&feature=youtu.be ... See MoreSee Less

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Dr Judy Wilyman PhD will be speaking in Sydney at the Vaccine Information Night - Australia Let's Talk About Vaccines - Monday Nov 20. Dr Wilyman is an expert in her field. She has completed an extensive thesis on this issue at Wollongong University, ‘A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for its Vaccination Policy,' This covers every aspect of both Australian and worldwide vaccination policy and the pharmaceutical company influences that you MUST be informed about!
Jamie McIntrye will also be speaking on the the vaccine industry, misconduct and profits the industry has made in recent years. Jamie is an entrepreneur and a founder of over 12 companies covering media education and property. His company, 21st Century Group, has grown to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia. He will also look at the question of why Vaccines need to be made a political issue to change vaccine mandates in Australia.

In March this year Jamie offered $1 million dollars to anyone who could prove that vaccines are safe and effective – pharmaceutical companies, governments, nurses, doctors,..there have not been any takers!


This issue is extremely urgent and not being addressed!

So get your tickets now. Numbers are very limited!
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